Flourished amidst the sand of Sardinia‚Äôs beaches and ripened despite the feeble north-european sun, Ale Corsini is a Berlin-based, Italian filmmaker and photographer. Eclectic spirit and obstinate aesthete in his own right, he combines an experimental approach to visual arts with traditional conventions to produce creations with a minimalist/classy flair and…a message.



Ale (AIessandro) Corsini is an Italian professional, freelance videomaker and photographer based in Berlin. Born in Milan (Italy), grown up in Cagliari, A.C. also lived, studied or worked in Rockville (Maryland, USA), Pisa, Perugia, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bremen (Germany), Rome.
He started studying analog photography techniques at the age of 12. And has since then been actively pursuing his aesthetic research with photography throughout its transition to digital. His first experiments with video date back to the age of analog HI8 video. With the HDSLR revolution, digital photography and video (two media that historically share common technical and aesthetic roots) merged into a unique work tool, allowing unprecedented image quality, portability, lens affordability and variety. A.C. was among the first adopters of HDSLR hybrid photo-cameras to produce, besides high-resolution photos, also Full HD video. Nowadays, the Sony Alpha 7R II, the most advanced hybrid camera currently on the market, is a fundamental part of his equipment.
A. C. has a professional and academic background in advertising (B.A. – University of Perugia) and digital media (Master – University/University of the Arts Bremen). As an employee, he worked on planning and producing national broadcast TV ad campaigns and programs. In 2009, he started his own, registered business in Germany as a freelance visual artist. Since then, he produced a variety of mainly video, but also photographic, formats for both commercial and no-profit clients.


His service consists mainly in video and photo-production as a one-man-band (shoot & post-production), or by selecting and directing small crews of professionals selected for the project. From concept to shoot, post-production and online distribution. Additionally, he can provide support to creative concept development, as well as consulting on brand identity and online strategies.